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Why is it very important to be in the proper gear before starting down a hill?

Because it helps build up air pressure in your air tanks.

It is better than being in an improper gear.

Water can build up in your air tanks by not relying on the engine braking.

Brakes can fade or fail from excessive heat caused by using them too much and not relying on the engine braking effect.

Inspecting Air Brakes

There are many different system components to check while inspecting air brakes. If the compressor is belt-driven, you will need to check the belt during the pre-trip inspection. The slack adjusters, drums, linings, and hoses must be inspected while doing the walk around as well.

While in the vehicle, you will need to test the air leakage rate, the low-pressure warning alarm, and that the spring brakes come on automatically. You need to test the air pressure build-up rate and the governor cut-in/cut-out pressures as well as performing the service and parking brake tests.

Rather than just studying the correct answers, it is best to learn how the air brake system works and be able to visualize it. This way, the test answers will come naturally, and more importantly, you will have a clear understanding of how the system works, enabling you to be confident and troubleshoot problems in the future correctly.

Air Brake Source: Electronic Code of Federal Regulations.


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