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Which of the following is NOT a sign of a distracted driver?

A vehicle that drifts over a lane divider line is not a sign of a distracted driver.

A vehicle traveling at a consistent speed is not a sign of a distracted driver.

A driver who is preoccupied with a map, food, cigarettes, cell phones, is not a distracted driver.

A driver who appears to be involved in conversations with their passengers is not a distracted driver.

None of the above.

The CDL General Knowledge Practice Tests

All commercial drivers are required to pass general knowledge test questions to obtain a CDL. Our permit practice test questions cover all of the following subjects from your state CDL manual:

Basic Vehicle Control - Know how to safely back, turn, and handle a commercial vehicle in multiple driving situations.

Vehicle Inspections - Test questions covering the basic pre-trip, during a trip, and post-trip vehicle inspections.

Seeing - These questions cover scanning the road ahead while driving in the city and on the highway, as well as the use of mirrors while driving commercial vehicles.

Shifting Gears - Understand when and how to shift gears properly in all regular driving scenarios while using manual and automatic transmissions.

Space Management - These questions cover the importance of keeping a safe distance around your vehicle all at times.

Communicating - Understand when you should communicate your intentions while driving by using headlights, turn signals, 4-way flashers, brake lights, and your horn.

Distracted Driving - Understand how to identify distracted drivers while driving, and the procedures to avoid becoming a distracted driver yourself.

Identifying Hazards - Know how to identify hazards and make plans should these hazards become emergencies.

Aggressive Drivers & Road Rage - You should be able to define the difference between the two and how to deal with each of these types of drivers if confronted.

Controlling Speed - General knowledge test questions covering posted speed limits on highway ramps and how to control vehicle speed in curves.

Driving in Fog - Be able to explain how to deal with this low visibility condition while driving a commercial vehicle.

Night Driving - These questions cover the procedures for safe night driving.

Driving in Hot Weather - These questions cover how to recognize hot slippery pavement, removing a radiator cap, and driving with hot tires.

Mountain Driving- Questions about the procedures for coming down a long steep grade in a commercial vehicle safely.

Winter Driving - Study the precautions for driving in snow and be able to define black ice.

Railroad Crossings - You will need to know the different types of rail crossings, when the law requires that you must stop, and how to drive across these obstacles safely.

Driving Emergencies - Explain how to respond when hazards develop into driving emergencies.

ABS - Understand how Antilock brake systems affect driving and how to check if your ABS is functioning properly.

Fires - Learn how to respond to vehicle fires properly, and know the type of fire extinguisher required for commercial drivers to carry in the vehicle.

Skid Recovery and Control - Skid Recovery and Control - Understand the different types of skids and how to prevent them, and how to recover from a skid properly.

Basic Hazardous Materials - Understand the hazmat basics. All commercial drivers are required to know about hazardous materials regardless of their CDL classification.

Accident Procedures - Understand how to respond to accidents whether you are involved, or stopping to assist other drivers.

Staying Alert - Questions covering sleep debt, alcohol, and how to prevent driving while drowsy.

You will need to answer multiple-choice questions about each of these topics to pass the general knowledge CDL test. Passing all of our practice tests with a score of 100% will ensure that you are prepared for this portion of the CDL permit test.

CDL Test Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


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